"As a community we must work together through

these current challenges and support each

other in whatever ways we can."


-Robin Moses

 Executive Director | Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.

"Our employees and their families need to be safe.

They also need a paycheck.

How we as a community respond impacts both."


-Vicki Markussen

CEO | La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce

"What’s most important is for us all to remember to

be kind and patient with one another, and to

remember we are all in this together."


-AJ Frels

 Executive Director | Explore La Crosse

"We will continue to address these and other critical

business related pandemic issues impacting

our members. LADCO stands ready to serve our member businesses and community partners."


-Jorge Beltran

 Executive Director | La Crosse Area Development Corporation

"Times like these often remind us how much we need

each other, and our small business community and

the many La Crosse County Residents they

employ need us now more than ever."


-Aaron Reimler

 Business & Income Developer | Couleecap

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